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MLS Premium Tonor Cartridges

Remanufactured toner cartridge is a printer consumable for use with a laser printer.

It contains the toner powder and a photo-sensitive drum that partners with the printer to produce the desired printout.

It is usually produced by a third party manufacturer that recycles used original toner cartridges.

However, before these cartridges are filled with toner and packaged for selling, several procedures are done to maintain the quality of the products.

Benefits from using remanufactured printer supplies such as savings on costs, resources, energy and nature.


Producing a remanufactured toner cartridge involves several quality control processes to ensure its quality.

These steps normally involve inspection of the raw materials to be used, sorting of those printer cartridges that can still be turned into high quality printer supplies, and recycling the materials that did not pass the inspection stage.

The cleaning stage, digital filling of toner, sealing, assembling, and post testing before packaging are also done when making a remanufactured printer cartridge.


Makers of remanufactured laser toners usually provide a list of all the benefits that their products can give. Some of these are high quality printing that can be comparable to the OEMs or the original equipment manufacturer cartridges, savings on the printing costs since the prices of these printer supplies are up to 70 percent less when compared to other laser toner types, and environmental benefits because remanufactured printer supplies are known to apply recycling processes that help preserve resources, energy, and nature

Common Issues

Since remanufactured printer supplies directly compete with original printer cartridges, it is not surprising that original equipment manufacturers have made attempts to call into question the quality of these third-party consumables.

However, remanufactured cartridge makers have continuously made efforts to ensure printer users that remanufactured toner cartridges can also provide prints that match the quality of originals.

Another issue concerning the quality of aftermarket printer supplies is that remanufactured cartridges only create substandard printouts, which has also been proven wrong by both remanufactured cartridge makers and printer users.

Since these laser toner cartridges undergo several production stages before finally being sold, consumers are guaranteed that they get their money’s worth with their prints.